Atlas Overview

What is Atlas?

Atlas is an authenticating proxy for safely and securely making requests to private resources in your cloud. You manage and run the Atlas server in your cluster. Atlas never exposes secrets or credentials to a client. You can use Atlas to add SSO access for your internal data sources, build internal tools inside Moment, or make protected command-line tools.

What Does Atlas Do?

  • Autodiscovery

    Atlas automatically discovers and connects to your resources. Autodiscovery works with all Kubernetes distributions (GKE, AWS EKS, self-hosted clusters, and more). Atlas can connect to GitHub, PagerDuty, AWS, and PostgreSQL. Atlas works across many clouds and can federate requests to many clusters.

  • Authorization

    Atlas takes a request, an OIDC token from an identity provider like Okta or ActiveDirectory, and a set of policies. It then makes that request to your resources on the authenticated user's behalf without ever exposing internal credentials to the user.

Why Use Atlas?

To quickly and securely allow access to your internal resources!

  • Enable SSO access for any resource in your cloud.

  • Build CLIs, data views, web portals, and dashboards for your resources very quickly. We've found that building a CLI for a cloud resource takes about five minutes with Atlas.

  • Expose infrastructure commands, like deployment and rollback, to your developers without granting wide access to your infrastructure.

  • Use the built-in integration with Moment to build interactive docs and runbooks.

There are multiple options for installing Atlas. We've provided scripts to get Atlas up and running quickly in different environments:


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